Project Overview

Several international projects work on the estimation of flux measurements using low resolution sensors, especially MODIS images. One example is the BIGFOOT project (Linking In Situ Measurements, Remote Sensing, and Models to Validate MODIS Products Related to the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle) that covers eight major biomes in North and South America. The most relevant initiative that links optical measurements with flux sampling is the international Spectral Network (SpecNet) project. A primary goal of the SpecNet international network is to analyse spatial variability in surface properties across landscapes. In order to be effective in this goal a great variety of ecosystems and geographic locations are needed, therefore initiatives such as Biospec could be beneficial for the consolidation of the SpecNet network in Europe. Up to now there are no SpecNet field sites within the southern European Mediterranean environments in Europe. Therefore we plan to integrate activities of Biospec in SpecNet and stress the international links with experts working in similar topics.