The Linguistic and Cognitive Science Group [LyCC], led by Violeta Demonte, began its activity in 2008 within the research line Cambio, variación y cognición en el lenguaje ‘Change, variation and cognition in language’ of the Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales ‘Center for Human and Social Sciences’ at the CSIC ‘National Scientific Research Council’.

The group is made up of researchers working in different fields of formal linguistics, mainly syntax, morphology and semantics, as well as the lexicon-syntax-semantics interface. It also aims to incorporate in the future other international level linguists who extend this research field and who understand the study of language within the more general framework of cognitive science, which they consider themselves part of.

Our current research activity centers on the study of determiner-adjective-noun agreement relations that are established in coordination environments, on the analysis of elliptical constructions, and on the exploration of the syntax-semantics of event structure from a cross-categorial perspective. Related to the latter, we concentrate in the analysis of the aspectual and eventive properties of motion verbs, locative and directional prepositions, deverbal adjectives and nominalizations. Our methodology is the one typically applied in theoretical or formal linguistics, but with a wider-ranging and critical understanding of data, a rigorous strategy of joint work and using experimental tests as a means to contrast hypotheses.

The group organizes an annual series of colloquia (Permanent Colloquium on Theoretical Linguistics), as well as workshops, congresses and courses. You can be kept updated on all our events if you subscribe to our distribution list.