Permanent Colloquium


The research group “Linguistics and Cognitive Science” of the Center for Human and Social Sciences of the Spanish National Research Council organizes a “Permanent Colloquium on Theoretical Linguistics" since the course 2008-2009, where work in progress, prepublications, partial thesis results, etc. are presented. The Colloquium aims to be an open forum, where all areas and research lines of formal linguistics can contribute their updated work, and where we can debate on any topic with scientific rigor and a constructive mind.

In the 2010-2011 edition, the Colloquium had a central theme –"Syntax and (lexical) semantics of event structure"– in accordance with the working line that was developed by the LyCC group at that moment.

As for now, the seminar has widened in its interests due to the incorporation to the LyCC group of semantists, who hold a strong background on the semantics-pragmatics interface.


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Future seminars will be announced shortly