SynerTGE will develop Canopy Water Content (CWC) Leaf Area Index (LAI) and chlorophyll content (Chl) product prototypes from the combination of LT-8 and S-2 satellites. An optimal set of physically based VIs related to proposed variables using 3D RTMs that explicitly compensates for heterogeneity in land cover type and composition will be proposed. In this way plant architecture will be included in the index design. A library of simulated canopy reflectance from RTM based on the biophysical and structural canopy parameters that best describe the ecosystem will be generated. This library will serve to design VIs most sensitive to proposed parameters that will be calibrated and validated with field measurements. Based on these VIs, a time series from LT-5, LT-8 and S-2 atmospherically corrected spectral reflectance will be built in order to establish the minimum and maximum values over time. The analysis of LT-5 time series will provide a wide range of CWC, LAI and Chl to make possible the validation of the products. VIs will be converted to relative and absolute values and an error and uncertainty analysis will assess the reliability of the products. The final products generated will be used to parametrize a non-linear model predictive of GPP that will be validated used data acquired by eddy covariance systems.