Follow Up


1. The first field campaign after the summer came up! The drone fell on the ground and crashed so we could not measure all the trees we had planned. We are glad to say it is fixed. 


JULY 2018  

2.  On the 25th and 26th of July we were able to measure Leaf Area Index and Canopy Volume in isolated trees sampled in APEX sensor campaign by using LICOR LAI-2200-C. 



1. The SynerTGE team has participated in the APEX sensor calibration campaign held in Majadas on July 15,16 and July 17, 2018. Despite the harsh weather conditions, all the proposed objectives were achieved.


JUNE 2018 

2. On May 24th and 25th, 2018, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute, we completed a huge field campaign to calibrate the sensor of the FLEX mission carried out by the ESA.We also completed the last sampling campaing of the spring-summer season. It was a challenge!

1. The second LAI measurements campaign was carried out on June 15th, 2018 without any unforeseen event. The 12 trees selected in the project were measured.

MAY 2018 

3. The SynerTGE team has completed the third field campaing on May 31th, 2018. The weather conditions were complicated but finally the minimun objectives were accomplished. 

 2. The second UAV field campaign was carried out on May 10th, 2018. The meteorological conditions were not the best with strong wind at height and some cloudiness that was receding troughout the morning.

1. We complete the second sampling campaign of the year on May 4th, 2018. This year the rains have allower the grass to reach a good state of develpment.


MARCH 2018 

1. On March 27th, 2018, the first spring measurement grass campaing was carried out succesfully. 


3. On February 2sd, 2018 we finished the winter campaign by performing  measurements of the Leaf Area Index (LAI) on the trees. 12 trees were measured under direct and diffuse light conditions.

2. A successful integrating sphere campaign was carried out the 30th January 2018 in Majadas. We got to measure the leaf reflectivity and transmisivity of all the trees. In total, 144 tree leaves measured.

 1. The first UAV Field Campaign of 2018 was performed the 26th January 2018 in Majadas. We measured the two plots with some problem of strong wind in the last measurements of the day.


1. The last Sampling Field Campaign of the year was carried out the 20th November 2017 in Majadas. The drought continues affecting the ecosystem and we hope that by January the first rains will allow the grass to grow again. 


1. The third  coordination meeting of SynerTGE was held in Madrid (INIA) the 18th October 2017. We performed a review of the research advances and planned the research path to follow. We also welcomed a new member of the group. Welcome to SynerTGE Vicente!



1. The summer is gone but we are here! We sampled the total of trees in Majadas and flied the drone with a STS aboard. No winds, no clouds (no grass unfortunately)... but we managed to get what we were looking for!


2. At the end of September we did some fieldwork using LAI 2200C as we need to get LAI from isolated trees (holm oak trees) in Majadas de Tiétar. We used the device in diffuse radiation and direct sun conditions in order to see the differences. 


3.  It has been a pleasure to hear from three incredible speakers as Marta Yebra (University of Canberra), Javier Pacheco (Max Planck institute) and José Ramón (CCHS-CSIC) talking about their work last 27th Septemberbre.

JUNE 2017

1. Here we had the last campaign of the spring season! More to come in autumn! We could obtain photos from hemispherical cameras to get the Leaf Area Index.


MAY 2017

1. The second measurement campaign using the integrating sphere was carried out the 4th and the 5th May 2017. We are happy with the results we grabbed!

2. Is there a plane coming? The INTA flight took some images as we were sampling the grass and measuring reflectance with ASD Fieldspec Spectroradiometer. Such a nice day!


APRIL 2017

3. The first measurement campaign with the integration sphere has been finished. We got to expand our spectral dataset for the Radiative Transfer Model.


2. Spring has come to Majadas. We are ready to start the next sampling campaign which will have new activities. 


1. The second sampling campaign which took place the 4th April 2017 has been a sucess. Now we have a lot of data to process! =)



MARCH 2017

1. We completed our first sampling campaign the 16th March 2017 . We reached all the proposed objectives! 



2. SynerTGE team succesfully completed the testing for the project samples. We are going to carry out the next sampling campaign coming soon.


1. The Second Coordination Meeting of SynerTGE was held in Zaragoza the 9th February 2017. The discussion on the preparations for the new field sampling was successful. Next sampling campaign will be soon with a lot of changes!



1. The 16th November 2016, Sampling Field Campaign was accomplished in Majadas del Tiétar where the regular field spectroscopy and vegetation sampling were taken.


JUNE 2016

2. A field campaign took place in Majadas in collaboration with the Forschungszentrum Jülich. Radiometric Inter-calibration of different sensors and radiation sources as well as UAV-borne spectroradiometric measurements over vegetation canopy were achieved.  


1. The SynerTGE KOM was held in Madrid (CCHS) on the 23th June 2016. Project strategies and activities were presented and discussed.