Research Areas

Since 2008, the Research Group develops its activity in six main research areas:

1. Analysis of the construction of the Spanish collective identity during the 20th and 21st centuries through the contribution of women writers/intellectuals and their texts.

2. Analysis of identity patterns through literary texts and plays, with special attention to the incorporation of women to the public realm and the education system, as well as the reassessment of maternity and married life preconceptions.

3. Analysis of topics of social relevance in literary texts and plays, such as the consequences and gender impact of war in society, contemporary migration movements and gender violence.

4. Recovery and analysis of the legacy of the Spanish Republican exile: literary works and essays.

5. Literature and Ethics, with emphasis on the representation of evil, moral dilemmas and Functional Diversity in the Hispanic contemporary fiction.  

6. Influence of expressive languages in the configuration of narrative discourses, especially the representation and rewriting of myths.