1. Economic Sector. Research’s results provide information about the current situation of the Spanish cultural sector (which nowadays represents almost a 3% of the Gross Domestic Product) in relation to the EU and Spain legal demands on Equality. Moreover, this research will make possible to demonstrate the economic possibilities of this sector as far as it knows how to integrate women and men equality at the different processes of creation, production and distribution.

2. Cultural Industries. With special attention to the following areas: Stage Arts Management, Production and Distribution, Literature, Cinema, Television and Virtual Spaces.

3. Legislators on Equality in different areas, with particular attention to the cultural and educational ones.

4. Spanish, European and American Universities’ professors, who are currently showing a strong interest in these issues.

5. Primary and Secondary Teachers.

6. Entertainment professionals: authors, musicians, directors, actors, etc.

7. Experts in other areas: Economy (cultural industries’ productivity and employability), Sociology (modernity analysis, gender roles, keys of social morals…), History (complementary research sources for History, daily life, collective imagination, etc.), Political Science (development and historical evolution of political forces), and Law (social attitude towards the implementation of current laws on marriage, property, custody, etc.)