The Gender Studies in Cultural Industries and Stage Arts Research Group (InGenArte) tries to analyze the situation of Literary and Theatrical Production, two of the most influential areas of Cultural Industries, in two main research directions:

1. Researching women’s contribution in creation, production and distribution processes (texts, stage production, cultural management, etc.), so as to incorporate them to the theatrical and artistic canon.

2. Analysing the feminine and masculine identity models in narrative and body discourses created by men and women (20th and 21st centuries) and to examine the transmission of gender roles.

     InGenArTe’s profile is characterized for being interinstitutional composition (CSIC, UC3M, UNED, U. Passau, U. Sorbonne-Nouvelle París 3, U. Münster, U: Utrecht); its intergenerational membership (1 Research Professor CSIC, 2 University Professor, 1 Scientific Researcher CSIC, 3 Senior Lecturers at the University, 1 Lecturer, 1 Assistant Professor, 1 Postdoc., and its international orientation (Lehrstuhl für Romanische Literaturen und Kulturen, Universität Passau; U. Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3 and ARCE-CREC Research Group; U. Utrecht- FENIX Network; Romanisches Seminar Univeristät Münster), promoting the frequent organization of seminars and conferences and international publications.