Project Participants

     This proposal is built upon the experience of groups that have been very active in environmental applications of remote sensing for the last decade, as well as other groups that incorporate their own area of expertise to enhance new lines of innovation. Besides, international links have been stressed with the collaboration of international experts working on similar topics.

     FLUχPEC members and Institutions are: 


 Institute of Economics, Geography and Demography (IEGD), Centre for Human and Social Sciences, National Research Council (CSIC):

  • Dr. Pilar Martín, Dr. David Riaño, Mr. Gorka Mendiguren and Mr. Javier Pacheco-Labrador




Department of Geography, University of Zaragoza (UZ):

  • Dr. Fernando Pérez, Ms. Lidia Vlassova and Ms. Raquel Montorio

Technological College of Huesca, University of Zaragoza (UZ):

  • Dr. Alfredo Serreta

Centro Universitario de la Defensa (CUD):

  • Dr. Alberto García



National Institute for Agriculture and Food Research and Technology (INIA):

  • Dr. M. Rosario González



CEAM (Centre for Mediterranean Environmental Studies) Foundation:

  • Dr. Arnaud Carrara and Dr. Cristina Gimeno


     International collaborations:

Dr. Hector Nieto - Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen. Denmark




Dr. Susan L. Ustin - Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, University of California, Davis. United States



Dr. Jean Louis Roujean - CNRS Senior Scientist. Meteo France/CNRS. France




Dr. Sofia Cesaroli - Centro de Estudos Florestais Instituto Superior Agronomia. Portugal




Mr. John Gajardo - Centro de Geomatica, Universidad de Talca. Chile